Same Day Surgicare Preoperative Instructions

One day before your surgery:

Start all of your eye drops as instructed on the box.

You will receive a phone call giving you your check-in time for surgery. This time will not be available any earlier. Please understand this is your check-in time not surgery time.

Preoperative instructions:

1. You must not have anything to eat, drink or smoke 6 hours before your surgery check-in time. This includes water, gum and mints.

2. No make-up, face lotion or mascara on your face.

3. No jewelry other than rings.

4. We will be starting an IV for anesthesia.

5. Since you will not be changing into a hospital gown, please wear a loose fitting shirt in which your arms and chest area can be exposed (preferably short sleeves and button down).

6. If you take blood pressure, heart or seizure medications in the morning, these medications need to be taken with a tiny sip of water prior to your arrival.

7. If you wear contact lenses, please leave them at home.

8. Hearing aids can be worn to the surgery center if necessary, but will need to be removed prior to surgery.

9. Please bring a responsible adult to drive you home from your surgery. We do ask that this person stay the entire time you are at the surgery center.

A Nurse will call you to obtain a medical history. If you have not spoken with a nurse prior to the day before your surgery, please call 817-784-6771.

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